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By Lisa Scott
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Rachel rated it really liked it Feb 09, Roxanne rated it it was amazing Jan 11, Mindy rated it it was amazing Dec 08, Liane rated it liked it Jun 18, Jan 19, Deanne rated it really liked it. A Cute and fluffy story ,a lovely cozy read on a chilly day!!! Carla rated it liked it May 20, Robyn rated it really liked it Sep 17, Bryn rated it really liked it Jan 20, Leah rated it really liked it Nov 06, Sandhya rated it liked it Jan 13, Alie rated it really liked it Jun 01, Katina rated it it was ok Jan 28, Kate rated it really liked it Sep 27, Erica rated it liked it May 27, Kaleigh rated it it was amazing Jul 11, Patty rated it really liked it Oct 19, Mandy rated it it was amazing Dec 11, Nimia Bradford rated it really liked it Sep 26, Kim rated it really liked it Mar 19, Kristin Giselle rated it liked it Dec 12, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Short Stories. About Lisa Scott. Lisa Scott. I'm a former TV news anchor who know writes fiction for a living. I publish collections of sweet, sassy romantic short stories called Flirts! Extreme fluff. Mary Poppins Returns. One-shot for now. Now complete. Morrow, Tony D. Come What May by Kaitlyn Alice reviews In the elevator, where the heat is blazing and emotions are high, Sue adds one more hurdle in our favorite couples path. She makes them watch both of their weakest moments, as well as their strongest.

I don't have time to coddle your sensitive Lenny feelings. Tim makes a wish. Kate lives and everything changes. Booth, Caroline J. Let me know what you think. Branson, Anthony S. There will be short stories about various February holidays that will feature our favorite people. Booth, J. Spock makeover, and his new neighbor is a hot, sexy blonde.

But things are not all they seem Rated T for language and mild adult themes. Rating may change later. Season 1 AU. Loans and Moans by Gregorypeck reviews Tim and Ziva are back at it again with some laughs along the way. Tony interrogates someone suspected of the most hideous crime: asking Tali DiNozzo on a date. Playing With Shadows by muaaimoi reviews Penny has actual skeletons in her closet and Sheldon doesn't mind sweeping them under the rug so long as Penny's willing to return the favor. Dark humor.

Shenny as always. Or being the person who dumped a Friend? This is a story about just that. It explores the thoughts, actions, and feelings in the immediate aftermath of most of the people the Friends interacted with with the exception of some. Happy Beginning by Juxtaposed Soul reviews Blaine just couldn't accept that a proposal was not a fix. Neither could the New Directions. But Kurt moved on, and now he was here with Sebastian, and he couldn't imagine life before him.

Office Paradox by Wintreaux reviews He didn't know what he expected, but what he saw was the furthest thing from it. I hope you enjoy! Can they reach peace, love, and understanding before Christmas Day arrives? Hodgela will also be around to offer support. Rated T for a few swear words. Booth, Cam S. Aubrey, Jessica W. After the New Directions lose Sectionals and Sam doesn't pass the state-required exams again, Lima doesn't hold much for him anymore. Plus, he has figured something out about himself.

He heads to New York to finish high school. Sid's POV. Chapter 2 is now up!

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The Quadranscentennial Tribulation by bigbangenthusiast reviews Grief hits Sheldon especially hard on a milestone anniversary. Photographs and Memories by Laura reviews Set 40 years in the future, this story is told from the point of view of several different characters. A set of vignettes that occur after Christine finds an object at her parents' old house. AU because it's set in the future. Written for the Bonesology Christmas challenge When Tony Met Gibbs by ytteb reviews A number of unconnected one shots with very different ways in which Tony might first have met Gibbs.

Probably very AU! Each chapter complete in itself.

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The story is marked as complete but occasionally I think of another scenario which is why I've added two chapters 29 and 30 in December. What if one of the Warblers had asked Kurt out? What if Kurt had made the choice to stay at Dalton after the creation of the Bully Whips? Some canon elements.

While this story is one of friendship and romance, it also contains a lot of other elements. Married by Fishpuppy56 reviews Up for adoption. John and Sherlock are married before Sherlock meets the Yard, and no one believes that anyone would marry Sherlock Holmes. What they don't know is that John was sent to Afghanistan again, and Sherlock started to take on their cases to take his mind off of his husband. Untitled Sid Carter Whump fic by Hyperteenager24 reviews When Sid is shot, the others must rally together to figure out who did it, as Inspector Sullivan struggles with his feelings for the young criminal.

Silent Night - Sort Of by kellyb reviews The New Directions need to earn some cash for costumes and transportation to the upcoming competition. Their only option on short notice is to go caroling. They don't want to stay local and get harassed, so they head to the wealthy side of town It's all going so well Alternate meeting. Rated T only for a few swear words. Everyday Superhero by LadyDivine91 reviews While watching Kurt buy toys for a Christmas fundraiser, Sebastian learns a valuable lesson somewhere between the Pokemon plushies and the Barbie aisle when a little girl mistakes him for someone else.

Kurt H. Sebastian S. It's Still a Wonderful Life by tsstewart As George enters into a new season of life, he finally fulfills his dreams and discovers once he didn't even know he had. Sweet Wine to Vinegar 2 by minniegoetze reviews "Not even overnight I became a widowed single mother—again. Maybe with the comfort of her daughters and a sincere intern she can find that thread of love again.

Must read first SWV to understand. Takes place during season 7.

Britain's Got Talent judge Simon Cowell in tears as auditioning singer pops the question

Beginning to Heal by WolfstarKlaine11 reviews After a traumatic event at McKinley high school, Kurt Hummel trasferres to Dalton academy, just a broken shell of the boy he once was. Blaine Anderson, Kurt's cheerful roomate, is determined to get Kurt talking. What will happen? Will Kurt find refuge at Dalton academy? Established Tiva. AU as if Family First never happened and Tony and Ziva got together somewhere in those last few seasons. Tied loosely to the song Speechless by Dan Shay as inspiration.

Real Friends by Flower princess11 reviews Takes place immediately after the movie. The gang boards the bus after the adventure is over, and Shaggy is still being picked on by his bully, however this time, someone else comes to his defense. What happens when Sheldon finds out that Penny and Bernadette don't like Amy's wedding dress.

How will he react? Will Bernadette be able to tell Amy what Sheldon said about her on Christmas or will she chicken out? It still gives me chills thinking about it," Bernadette said. This is a Bernadette story! Each chapter is a one-shot, centered around a different person, or couple. All of the chapters are connected however they can be read alone if you wish. If you've ever wanted to know what happened to the other Glee characters who weren't featured in the epilogue, this book is for you! Join the Calvins for some one the most important Christmases of their lives, and some of the days in between too!

Past and Present by Sophie The Shipper reviews When something in the present is similar to something in the past, a story between two squad members is uncovered and everyone is super supporting. Because they are a family, right? Season 3 AU. They're not as good at hiding it as they think they are.

He's seen this all before. Ellick with mentions of Tiva. The story begins during "Dance with Somebody". AU from that point with some canon elements afterward. When Morning Brings Light by iloveromance reviews In the hours before her wedding, Daphne makes a drastic and unexpected decision; one that is bound to break her heart but one that will leave her stronger than ever before. Each chapter is a one-shot with a different defense on why or why not they broke that rule. Best Served Cold by rmlohner reviews Years after Mary was framed and exiled from Downton by her jealous cousin Patrick, she returns in disguise along with Matthew, and a few other allies, to get her revenge.

Teenage Dream 20 by J. Melmoth reviews AU where Kurt runs into Blaine on that staircase at Dalton, and everything in the next scene goes exactly as in the show, but Sebastian is in the Warblers too Not Blaine or Klaine-friendly. Booth, Angela M. Hodgins - Complete. Opie and Thurston by GalaxieGurl reviews Brennan reminisces during a shopping trip.

Brennan, Angela M. The Conversation with the Coffee by Annarita reviews The buzz of his cellphone startled him for a second, but he glanced at the clock and realized it was almost noon. That was usually the time Brennan would call to check in or send pictures of Christine. Only this time when he turned his phone over, the name and number on the screen didn't belong to Bones. It was actually a number he wasn't expecting to see. Temperance's Prom by Tarja Holopainen reviews My take on what happened after 5x17, The death of the queen bee.

I know it didn't happen, sadly. The Hospital Realization by TheNerdshipper reviews Penny is hurt and calls out for the one she can trust. A shenny fic. Penny's missed all of them, the nice guy who loves her so much who she really likes, and her favorite whackadoodle of a best friend. But when Sheldon comes to confront Leonard in her apartment, Penny is Not pleased with what Leonard has done. Read at your own peril. The Unanticipated Conception by bigbangenthusiast reviews Amy discovers she's pregnant after their first time.

Canon through 9x One is proving tricky! One shot. The Triplicate Reassurance by bigbangenthusiast reviews When Amy receives some shocking news, she questions her ability to handle the situation. Two Ships in the Night by misspatchesmom reviews He is a widower with an empty nest; she is afraid of commitment and never stays in a relationship past two months. What happens when his late night wandering through his agency leads him to her? Part of the "You Complete Me" universe.

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Vance - Complete. What if Cam had a surprise visit from someone she never expected to meet? Harem by Kurt's Anatomy reviews Kurt Hummel has always been one for revenge. When Noah Puckerman crosses the line in a major way and hurts his girls, nobody is prepared for the subsequent events. Because when somebody messes with Kurt's friends, they had better watch their back. His next new source of information turns out to be a lot more than that. Kurt Hummel brings new feelings to Connor's attention as well as a secret that should never be unravelled.

Heaven Can Wait by writeinspiredraw reviews "Bren, it's Ange. You need to get down to the lab. Your mom is here. Set in Season 9, AU, obviously. Just let me know what you think. Booth, T. Brennan] Max K. Black Dress by Laura reviews Set in the Roaring Twenties, this fluffy one shot was inspired by a popular song from the 70s. What happens when Seeley Booth and Charlie Burns go undercover in a speakeasy?

Booth - Complete. The Parental Introduction by bigbangenthusiast reviews Amy is excited to show off her new boyfriend to her parents, but now her little white lie has come back to haunt her. Fowler, Larry F. Mirrors by greensearcher reviews Everyone knows the Beast was selfish and unkind—which, of course, is exactly what a jealous enchantress would want the world to think. An AU in which young Adam was an innocent victim caught up in his father's past mistakes, and Belle a willing presence seeking to repay her own father's debt. And with a vengeful witch on the loose, Gaston is the least of their worries.

Sweet Wine to Vinegar by minniegoetze reviews Cam and Vincent have been dating under everyone's noses for months to stay out of lab gossip. However, that day their relationship came to a head in more ways than they could've imagined. Somewhat AU. Takes place during season 6,The Hole in the Heart. Anniversary by GalaxieGurl reviews Max remembers a special day from the past. Things Unsaid by upwiththebirds33 reviews My version of Anne waiting for Phillip in the hospital.

Carlyle, Mrs. Carlyle - Complete. The Wedding Night Counsel by bigbangenthusiast reviews Amy is about to get married but not before her mother tries to impart some unwanted, and unneeded, advice. Fowler - Complete. Fireworks happen when Tim has explained to the director why he wants a transfer. Rated M for some language. The Fire by colasun reviews She saw the circus, her home, burning down. With Phillip in it. That follish man had captured her heart. The mere thought of him in this building, within the flames and the heat, was breaking Anne.

He had to be alive. He just had to. Closure by perscribo reviews A new case brings someone back into Booth's life. Someone he never thought he'd see again. The closure that Booth always wanted with his father but never got. Story complete. That First Night by sg1princess8 reviews Just a drabble I wrote about the toy's first night with Bonnie, focusing on my personal favorites, Jessie and Buzz. As the title implies, trouble follows! This is a follow up to 'Back in Time for Trouble' but I think it can be read independently of that story.

Final chapter posted - now complete! The Dalton Academy Cheerleaders by Hotchocolateaddict reviews Kurt is feeling really lonely at Dalton so he joins the football team and the Mckinley cheerios have his back. He gets new friends on the team; on the Warblers and gets closer to his old Cheerio buddies who weren't ready to let him go. What if the dating site had matched Amy with Howard instead of Sheldon? It could've been a disaster The Enticed by Calliecature reviews Jessica knew every trick in the book when it comes to seduction.

But with Roger, she doesn't pull her punches. Rated M for mild adult themes. Paying It Forward by GalaxieGurl reviews Booth and Brennan rarely hear from the beneficiaries of their dedicated work, but one day Brennan receives a unexpected visit from someone she and Booth helped in the past. These chapters will reveal how life turned out for some of these victims. In honor of Pride Month. Ain't Mean a Thang by Nukas reviews "Bein' different ain't mean a thang. Disclaimer and such inside. Brotherly love and fluff included! Wedding Reception Speeches by ynotlleb reviews Spoilers for Now updated.

The Laundry Encounter by empty-the-sky reviews Penny found something interesting in Sheldon's laundry.

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One-shot Shamy. That's not my bear by twinkels reviews Just a little story about Daisy and Lotso. Will she open her heart to her Mother or will she choose to fight alone? Gathered Here Today by WriteBrained22 reviews In this sequel to "Where Children Gather," what starts out as a family day trip to London to invite Caracticus' twin brother, Bert, to his wedding turns out to be an unexpected adventure when the Potts and Banks kids are kidnapped. Everyone is relying on Julian, the former Child Catcher, to track them down and rescue them before they become the bewitched property of their captor.

The Overwhelming Recognition by NinjaNovelist reviews Five times Sheldon has been overwhelmed by Amy, and one time he was by somebody else. Spoilers through the season 11 finale. Bernadette and Penny take Amy out for the day and explain why they never see the boys on this day. Many of the old characters, many new ones revolving around the Abbey that we know so well. The romance, drama and intrigue continue. It begins in Chapter Twelve is now posted Their world is on fire Branson, Sybbie B.

Their eldest and only daughter just welcomed their first grandchild, their eldest son is now a teacher, and their youngest is starting his senior year. They are on the cusp of an empty nest. When they get a little surprise. Ideal Father by TiffaniLouise reviews Sherlock's life is turned upside down when he finds a baby on the doorstep to B; his baby.

He surprises everybody and himself with his natural abilities as a single parents but raising a child always has it's challenges. Luckily enough he's not alone. Disgraced by DC Watchergirl reviews "My place? Mother, if this is my place I don't want to be apart of it. Carlyle as they left the theater. This is an in between story that shows the aftermath between Philip and his parents after the theater incident. This is also why he said that he had lost his inheritance.

Sorry if the genres are wrong! I didn't know how to classify it! Burglar by MeganKoumori reviews The Davis home has its own secret protector. She told Sheldon that she's going to a Church Convention but the truth is she wanted to know if her son is getting cold feet about the wedding.

Cooper, Amy Farrah Fowler - Complete. The Secrets in the Men by perscribo reviews Everyone has something to hide. A relapse into an old addiction, a partner in crime from a life left behind, making a little extra money on the side. Would it all come back to bite the men in Brennan's life and would she end up as collateral damage? Chapter 15 up. Story now complete. It's not what he expected. Bleak House by Hattie J Huper reviews On a routine mission to check out a house that may be used as a look out against enemy boats the Home Guard find that events have taken a sinister turn as one of their number goes missing.

Please read and review. But I've added a chapter from Niles' perspective and plan to continue the story of that fateful day. The Relocation Consideration by bigbangenthusiast reviews Sheldon and Amy overhear Leonard and Penny making fun of them and take action to avoid them. Quartermistress by Vashti Bond meets the new, female, Q. He's intrigued. She's not.

Moneypenny - Complete. Brennan become and planned to honor her at the reunion. However her plan got cut short when the murderer killed her. Brennan, OC - Complete. As everyone around her gains new relationships and new life, she begins to feel she's missing something. What no one knows is Brennan is haunted by a decision she made back in Maluku, and in order to set things right, she has to return. When she comes back to D.

Her Lucky Star by Outsiders Obsessor reviews On the night when her fifteen puppies are born, Perdita knows something is wrong. Her youngest puppy, a male, is not moving. She cannot hear his heartbeat. Perdita is frightened beyond belief, and she lets out an ear-splitting howl to let the household know something is wrong with her baby. Six weeks later, she reflects on that night of miracles. Rated T for mentions of stillbirth. Always by dj89 reviews Gibbs wasn't sure when it happened, but now he was about to realize what he's always had.

As family. Follow them as they go through their day. McLilah, Ellick. Protect Our Own by Bella Lottie reviews McGee asks for the teams help when a close friend is murdered and another is hospitalized. Eventual McGibbs. Love Again by lrhaboggle reviews At last, Lotso fell off the garbage truck, but with this new freedom came the loneliness he knew too well.

Could someone as old and evil as he learn to love again even if the chance presented itself in the form of a new little girl in need of some love and cuddles? Where Children Gather by WriteBrained22 reviews When Gina OC goes to stay with her grandfather, the toymaker, in Vulgaria to be a runner and tutor for the children hiding beneath the Bomburst castle, she draws the infatuation of the one person who could endanger her mission and everyone involved — the Child Catcher. A romantic comedy sidequel with a delightful intervention from Chitty towards the end. Sheldon and Amy have been dating for just about a year.

Sheldon has plans for a perfect engagement but will it all work out? Amy, having just learned the truth about Sheldon and her father has a lot on her plate. Will Sheldon help or hinder her decisions? Rating starting as a T but will probably become an M. Generations 3 by misspatchesmom reviews Tim babysits his twin three and one half year old great-grandkids. Lucky by dancinginsunshine reviews "You know what?

Ed Sheeran may have found his Galway Girl, but I found you. And I think that's even better. Well, almost everything. Nick's got a few tricks up his sleeve. Ellick and McLilah mentions! Finding Parker by mph reviews When Rebecca tells Booth that he won't see Parker for three months because of other plans, Booth turns to Brennan to vent.

Then they discover that he's had legal rights Parker, for his whole life and decide to deal with the problem before it'll get any worse. Booth, Rebecca S. Missing by Enthusiastic Fish reviews Very short oneshot. Tim is thinking about those who aren't there anymore. Corporal Leroy Jethro Moore, nearing the end of a long train ride back home in September , meets a fellow war veteran on the way to Philadelphia. Moore - Complete. The One With the Twist on the Proposal by FictionWriter91 reviews Chandler is all set to ask Monica to marry him, but Ross brings up something he didn't think of: asking Jack Geller for his daughter's hand in marriage.

What could happen? Cogsworth has a day full of reflection and eventually his pocket watch finally stops. Stood Up by OrangeLlyan reviews Blind dates are terrible. They're even worse when you're stood up. Except if being stood up leads to meeting someone interesting. My short take on how Tim and Delilah met and started off their relationship. Or, how things "end" with the sassy duo now both in relationships and doing new things in life.

Do Bobby and Caroline work out? Do Max and Rady take the plunge into marital bliss? Does Han ever find love? Picks up right about where season 6 leaves off. Making Things Right by perscribo reviews Set in Season 6. I thought how Booth reacted to Brennan's confession to him in The Doctor in the Photo wasn't very well handled in the show. So this is me, helping Booth make things right.

My take on how things should have turned out. Chapter 5 up! Confluence by FaithinBones reviews Hannah discovers that there may be a dangerous serial killer at work on the east coast and brings that information to Booth. Fatherhood by OrangeLlyan reviews As Tim's first evening as a father comes to a close, he shares a quiet moment with Gibbs, reflecting on fathers, fatherhood and family. Tag to Ready or Not. Expanded to include chapters from Gibbs and Delilah's perspectives. She wanted a story that showed Booth's parents acting like normal parents at least once.

Hodgins, Cam S. You're Perfect by dancinginsunshine reviews The McLilah family is finally at peace, in the quiet atmosphere of their own home. Tim and Delilah and their two beautiful children are enjoying the chaotic yet tranquil life of being a family. Follow Tim and Delilah as they embrace their very first Valentine's Day as a married couple and as new parents. Mardi Gras by FaithinBones reviews Caroline is sad because of the loss of her cousin. Booth wants to cheer her up. Facta Non Verba by Roschelle Templar reviews On a day when Kembleford celebrates parents, some mysterious presents appear Sometimes it's full of joy, sometimes it's full of pain and sadness.

Lessons are taught and lessons are learned. Will the unspeakable event that happened to the Friends help them come together? He rarely uses the agent's first name. Why is that? What if things change drastically because of this? What if Brennan confronted her feelings for Booth sooner due to his fake funeral? How would things change? Booth, Zach A. Finally together, Booth and Brennan go on their first date.

Memories by perscribo reviews At the series finale, a bomb had gone off in the lab. Brennan lost her memories, affecting her ability to do her job. What if, the memories lost were different? Would Booth and Brennan's relationship be strong enough to endure her amnesia? Another of my what if stories, taking an alternative spin to the consequences of the series finale. Chapter 10 up!


[PDF] Office Flirts! 5 Romantic Short Stories By Lisa Scott - Free eBook Downloads

The timetable jumps around several years with other characters appearing in future chapters. Sometimes humorous, sometimes sad, but sometimes also spicy. Rated T unless indicated. Never Enough by Ruby Casablanca reviews Anne thought she could move on. She thought she could work through the infatuation and the childish crush she had on Phillip Carlyle.

Now, seeing him lying prone in a bed, covered in bandages and ash, because of her, made all those thoughts seem silly. If anything, this was showing her that her feelings for him were far deeper than she had been willing to admit. Episode continuation from Rendezvous 14x As a girl, Roger can still be so oblivious.

A Life Half Lived by ameliapemerson reviews A canon era Mary and Matthew story where love, loyalty, and trust all have their boundaries tested. Look for Office Flirts! Magic Flirts! Kitabu cha Love is a magical thing, especially when witches, ghosts, and Cupid are involved. The stories stand alone but are connected when read together. The collection is 50, words total. If you get hooked on these fun reads—good news!

There are nine other Flirts! As Flirts! Handsome Drake is an enforcer in the witching world who opposes her work. When he accuses her of being a hex addict, her love spell backfires and hits the two of them. Now that these enemies are smitten, Vicky wonders whether she wants the spell reversed. But when one ghost asks Julie to set up her granddaughter with a handsome guy at a wedding, Julie decides she wants him for herself.

Unfortunately, Doug has a secret that threatens to ruin everything. Is there any way to save their charmed romance? But when she bumps into him one day, he runs away from her. In fact, he runs every time he sees her. Which is often, since she keeps bumping into him in the strangest places. Look for Lisa's other collections: Flirts!

Look for another Flirts! Vitabu Pepe vinavyofanana na hiki. Lisa Scott. Follow the employees as they find love, laughter, and heartbreak on the job. These five stories stand alone, but also connect to each other. All of the characters come together at the end for a fab conclusion. Each story is 9, to 10, words in length, or 48, total. Enjoy them during your lunch break or read them all at once.

Or has she finally found the perfect guy who appreciates her humor and heart? Now Joy wants more from Tom than their clandestine trysts. Can their relationship turn from hook-up to happily ever after? But Tristan still loves Charlotte, too. Can they take another chance at love without jeopardizing his job? Or is it too late? Jared thought Shelby would be a fun distraction during his time at Dunner Advertising, and maybe give him an inside scoop on the problems in the office.

Lizzy hopes she can convince him to leave things as they are. Can they make things right at the office and between the two of them? Gary Chapman. Lakeshore Secrets.

The Flirts! Romantic Short Stories Collections, no. 5

Shannyn Leah. Her return brings back wonderful memories, especially of Marc, but also horrible fears from the past. When fate throws her and Marc together once again, how can they ignore the everlasting love and desire between them?