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  8. The ratings saw a big drop in season four so the drama was cancelled. So Cosmo E! This docu-series follows the lives of young people who work for the Cosmopolitan magazine. It lasted for one short season. The cable channel cancelled it a month after the finale aired. It was confirmed to be the final season in March The last episodes were delayed until Teen Wolf MTV Loosely based on the movie of the same name, this supernatural dramedy became very popular for the cable channel.

    It was announced in July that the sixth season would be the end. Underground WGN America WGN America is getting out of the original scripted series business at least for now and this was the last of those shows to be cancelled. After years of declining ratings, it was announced that the show would end with a shortened eighth season. Workaholics Comedy Central This office comedy was given an early renewal for seasons six and seven. After about an hour into the book, I realized that I was fully engaged and listening with rapt attention to every detail. It drew me in and took me to a very different world - one that I looked forward to being in oddly enough.

    The book has a very post-apocalyptic, post-invasion survivalist feel. Engaging and enjoyable - the narrator keeps your interest and draws you into the flow of the story. The story brings a feeling of watching separate acts in a play - consecutively occurring tails rather than a continuing storyline - this does nothing to take away from the story. As things progress, these "tails" get longer and more intense.

    This was very entertaining!

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    Not a terribly deep book, but engaging nonetheless. I will definitely listen to the second in the series. What made the experience of listening to Way of the Wolf the most enjoyable? It was a fresh take on the vampire novel. What other book might you compare Way of the Wolf to and why?


    This is a jumble of different genres, vampire, post-apocolypse, and science fiction. So, not much else to directly compare it with at this time. Which scene was your favorite? I like the scenes when the main character learns to use his new found abilities. Did you have an extreme reaction to this book? Did it make you laugh or cry? Any additional comments?

    This is a good book. The series is pretty good for about the first 5 books and kind of dwindles away to nothing. Plus, the author never really gets anywhere with resolving the series. Based on the quality of later books I think he will probably quit writing them before he reaches a conclusion. This is a great book as a stand alone, but don't expect the main story line to go anywhere.

    I personally own this audiobook in both Audible and the first eight in the series in Graphic Audio format, so I feel I can safely say I know this author's work. This initial novel has a slower than preferred beginning, and I wish the pacing was better. However, a vampire-ravaged earth losing the war, and it's a science fiction story? Now, that may have promise. This DOES have promise, and the concept is well-designed for the listener. An inter-galactic space-faring race of vampires have finally made their way to earth, and the story opens on a rag-tag group of survivors being led across the swamplands of Louisiana by an organized and well-trained cadre of warriors.

    The premise builds with flashbacks of the hero's beginnings within the country's warrior caste, or what's left of it. We get a slower than desired entry into the hero's upward move in the ranks, and his experiences in the process. Its the writing good? Its good for the type of story being told. This isn't Heinlein.

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    This isn't Martin. This is pure escapism, so don't expect eloquent prose. That being said, I've already listened to a number of books in the series, and I can recommend the series as a whole, again, as pure escapism. The author grows in the writing of these books, so treat the escapism for what it is: A fun listen. I stumbled across this book and am amazed that I had not heard of it before. Mr Knight successfully blends the military novel with some basic Vampire culture to create an innovative and captivating story. I have already purchased the second in the series and am glad I did. Additionally, the narration is fantastic.

    There is a wide range of accents and voices and it is a pleasure to listen to. Although, I often turn off my ipod with a bit of a southern drawl :. I greatly enjoyed this novel, which surprised me.

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    To explain, I don't normally like vampires and dislike fantasty fiction in general excluding the works of Terry Pratchet , and as such I've always avoided novels that include vampires for such reasons - that and a dislike of bloody details that usually seem to fascinate these authors. This novel, however, manages to capture a world inhabited by vampire like monsters but not focused on these demons directly. Cast in the mould of the Warhammer novels, the book focuses on the military in a sci-fi setting, but manages to pull off a more engaging world than the far future of the warhammer universe which I do like as well.

    It manages to efficiently explain the world the novel takes place in, and the descriptions of events and places is of a high quality. The novel has convinced me that the Vampire Earth series it worth trying out in its totally. If you could sum up Way of the Wolf in three words, what would they be? Not about vampires Who was your favourite character and why? Valentine of course, well in this one anyway. As the series progresses Ahn-Kha is mine and a lot of fans favourite but he doesn't appear in the 1st book. Have you listened to any of Christian Rummel and E.

    How does this one compare? Mr Knight is to be quite honest, a brilliant writer but a god damned boring talker and this doesn't change in any of the other books in the series, that said, it is nice to hear the writer giving a little insight into the story and giving you little teasers of what is to come. Christian Rummel, on the other hand, is a vocal genius, at times you'll be sure there is more than one person reading, especially with the female voices and he also gets accents spot on, which is more prominent in the later books, when you get to Tale of the Thunderbolt you'll see what I mean.

    Did you have an emotional reaction to this book? No tears for me in any of the books so far, but I have laughed a few times, at lucky escapes and even more at the lucky Mr Valentine with the ladies, he does seem to have a bit of the James Bond going on, he has got lucky in every book so far, every time a different woman, lucky fella : Any additional comments? When you see Vampire Earth, you immediately think, "not another vampire series", but this is not another vampire series at all.

    Yes there is an alien race, the Kurians, that kills humans to kind of "drink" their blood, but this is more about combat, camaraderie and doing the seemingly impossible just to survive, than anything else and you won't find any love-struck teenage girls going gooey over this type of bloodsucker, of this you can be sure! Brilliant writing Luv it, Luv it, Luv it. I want more more more. Loads of action, I just could not put it down. I have just brought book 2. Your audiobook is waiting…. By: E. Narrated by: Christian Rummel , E.