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A Family Affair Interview: Even the Truth is Subjective
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Confessionals allows the patriarchal system to remain in place and discriminate the citizens purely on their religious sect.

The family being the smallest unit of society it is important to understand how it operates and the impact it has not only on the individual but on society as a whole. Since the industrial revolution in Europe we saw major changes in family structures driven by either political or economic factors or evolution of social norms.

A Family Affair ( film) - Wikipedia

In Lebanon even thought the dominant family structure is the nuclear one, families are still very dependent on their extended families often. Among others today in Lebanon the clan family is an ideological apparatus, undermining the authority of the states and allowing the confessional and sectarian ideology to be transmitted to younger generations. This society structure mainly comes from the lack of trust and reliability of the state to provide any service for its citizen that seeks the help of the family rather than the state.

Centralization is big problem for Lebanon. The state has always focused on the capital Beirut neglecting the rest of the territories. The Idea of choosing three different site comes from a decentralization policy that the state has been trying to implement in order to desaturate the capital and assure a better distribution of wealth and resources on the territory.


Unfortunately those sites today are mostly abandoned mainly due to the lack of ambition of local authorities in economic development. As part of the strategy to develop new industrial zones for the country, those formed infrastructure hubs were the perfect site to develop a large national reindustrialization policy. The possibility to rehabilitate the railway, pipelines and airports on those sites made it an even more prominent location for exporting.

The scale of intervention comes directly from ambitious industrial programs and policies that the Lebanese state hopes to put in place in order to take part in the profitable reconstruction of Syria.

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The Lebanese government did commission a report in The Mckenzie report for Lebanon to boost its economy, the report quantified specific data and simulations of industrial needs for Lebanon. Frank agrees to use his paper, The Carvel Star , to publish disparaging stories about the family. That evening Judge Hardy's daughter Marion returns home from college.

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Older daughter Joan Hardy Martin moves in as well, after a secret separation from her husband Bill. The family throws a party for returning Marion.

At the party they are warned by a Star gossip columnist that only negative stories are going to be published about the family. Later that night teenaged Andy Hardy reluctantly takes his childhood sweetheart Polly to a party, and is pleasantly surprised by what a beautiful woman she has grown into. Marion has found love in Wayne Trent, an engineer who has come to town to work on the aqueduct. Meanwhile, Joan confesses to her father that she and Bill are separated after she went to a roadhouse with another man.

Although the encounter was innocent, Bill was enraged, and they soon separated. Judge Hardy attempts to bring contempt of court proceeding against the Star. The movie was based on the play Skidding by Aurania Rouverol. The film was made in the wake of the success of Ah, Wilderness! Many of the same cast from that movie returned.

Family Affair / Keep It Together (Blond Ambition Tour)

In two other rooms of the house, there are bluegrass jam sessions going on with musicians young and old, male and female. Both Loudermilk and his guitarist, Jeff Autry, grew up playing in these rooms.

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Autry, who has performed with such bluegrass stars as Sam Bush, the John Cowan Band, and Vassar Clements, grew up in Decatur and began his career playing in this very house. Like its Southern cousin, blues music, bluegrass is a once popular and now faded art form. The modest house and concert room, nestled in a residential neighborhood on Stonecypher Road a few minutes from Interstate 85, are unlikely spots for a nurturing ground of modern bluegrass music. The Everett family musical legacy began in the house long before the Music Barn was ever raised. Three musician brothers—Leroy, Randall, and Roger Everett—had their own local radio shows in the s and began to host Saturday jam sessions in their family home.